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Noah Jarrett: Myself

Noah Jarrett - BaSsO cOnTinUo

Noah Jarrett was born and raised in New Jersey, as well as New York City. He began study of the electric bass at the age of nine, after five years studying the violin. With initial interests in the many forms of ?rock?, Noah spent most days after school playing music in his basement with his musician friends.
The ?communal? attribute in many musical forms led him into the genres of jazz, reggae, Indian, African, Gnawan music, while also studying the classical traditions. For nine years now, Noah has primarily studied the double bass, while still playing the electric bass quite often.
He plays in a great variety of groups in the New York and Boston areas, including current groups such as FAT LITTLE BASTARD, a dark, groovy guitar trio, THE INBETWEENS, also an electric guitar trio, which is an explosive and dynamic group based out of New York City. Noah accompanies the virtuosic Malian kora player, Mamadou Diabate in many group settings at festivals and events all over the country.
In addition, Noah plays with a 14-piece band, the Brooklyn Qawwali Party, which commemorates the late-great Sufi singer, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. BQP uses the Pakistani qawwali melodic and propulsive rhythms as a basis of further improvisation.
Noah has also had the pleasure of playing with John Abercrombie, George Garzone, Bob Gulotti, Bill Goodwin, and other NYC musicians.
A graduate of New England Conservatory, Noah now resides in Doylestown, PA with his wife, Joy, and his daughters, Maia and Laila.